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* Share Office and Booth Office have different rules. Please refer to each websites.

QWhat is the advantage of Cross Office, compared to general office?
  • (1) You can move in with minimal initial cost.

    • - Cross Office requires only 3-6months security deposit, where normally office owners will ask for 8-12 months.
    • - You can save costs for interiors such as reception space and meeting rooms etc.
  • (2) You can rent with a minimal rent area.

    • - You can move into a modern and latest office at an affordable rent by minimizing rental area by sharing conference rooms and reception areas.
  • (3) Business support with various services

    • - We offer reception, meeting space, tea server, emergency stockpile and room cleaning, etc to make an environment for you to focus on your business.
QHow much do I need to pay before moving in?
  • You need to prepare security deposit and rent for the following month. Security deposit is 3-6months rent depending on your creditability.
    Brokerage fee is required if you retain real estate agents.
QWhat costs are included in monthly rent?
  • Vacuum cleaning of room (1/week), trash collection (5/week). Common area maintenance (CAM) fees are not required.
QWhat costs are not included in monthly rent?
  • - Electricity cost...Please pay the actual electricity cost measured by the individual meter .
  • - Optional service cost...Please pay Optional cost if you use these services.
QIs there phone and internet?
  • There is no phone and Internet. Please install by yourself.
    The line is already wired to the electrical panel in your leased room, so wiring work will be needed only inside your leased room.
    You have to contract a phone line and Internet provider directly.
QWhat are the contents of the lease contract? How long is the lease term?
  • Lease contract is 1 or 2 years fixed term lease contract subject to “Act on Land and Building Leases”. There is no renewal in fixed term lease contract, but re- contract is possible.
    There is no renewal fee or re-contract fee. Please let us know if you'd like a short term contract, etc.
Q Is the office room equipped with furniture and fixtures?
  • There is no furniture and fixtures. You can enjoy the coordination of furniture to suit your preferences.
QIs it able to connect multiple rooms into one big room?
  • Some rooms are available. Please contact us for details.
QCan I use the office at midnight?
  • - Reception opens during the daytime in weekdays. You can use your office 24hours 365 days by using your security card.
  • - If there are any visitors after reception closes, you can answer by the intercom at 1F.
QHow is the security?
  • Please be assured that we have a 24 -hour security system. In case of an emergency, it will be reported to the security company, and all possible measures will be taken to ensure safety.
QWhat services does the reception provide?
  • - Reception will welcome visitors with good impression and attentive care. They will also solve daily problems.
  • - We don't have telephone answering service, but we can introduce a supplier.
QWhat costs will be required when leaving?
  • - Actual expense of restoring construction will be required.
  • - Security deposit will be fully refunded.