Alongside everyone
who continues to take on challenges.

The workplace of the future, created by ORIX.
Everything to accelerate your business can be found at Cross Office.


Made possible because of
Cross Office.

Diverse support that expands personal growth areas
and company potential.
Optimal space that matches
a variety of work styles.
Services that support comfortable
and vibrant environments.
This is the workplace of the future
that ORIX offers.

Office Plans

Office Plans

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List of Locations

List of Locations

Alongside everyone
who continues to take on challenges.

We create the best environments for each
and every working person.
We bring energy to businesspeople,
which eventually leads to corporate growth.
We know what is essential for the workplaces of the future.


Our locations are in areas where individuality shines.
They are spaces which offer vitality, comfort, and quietness.
People with strong business mindsets who continue to take
on challenges in various fields gather to form expanding networks.
Support is given using the services and knowledge of the ORIX Group.
These come together to form environments with a continuous
flow of new learning, ideas, and growth.


They provide strong support to each and every person
who continues to take on challenges.
Everything that accelerates people, information,
and businesses cross here.

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