About Cross Office

Various support for everyone’s growth.
Spaces suitable for all kinds of working styles.
These are the workspaces offered by ORIX.

Alongside everyone
who continues to take on challenges.

We create the best environments for each and every working person.

We bring energy to businesspeople, which eventually leads to corporate growth.

We know what is essential for the workplaces of the future.

Our locations are in areas where individuality shines.

They are spaces which offer vitality, comfort, and quietness.

People with strong business mindsets who continue to take on challenges in various fields gather to form expanding networks.

Support is given using the services and knowledge of the ORIX Group.

These come together to form environments with a continuous flow of new learning, ideas, and growth.

They provide strong support to each and every person who continues to take on challenges .

Everything that accelerates people, information, and businesses cross here.

We support business growth through functional workplaces.

  • We are located in places with excellent accessibility to provide convenience to businesses.

  • Locations matching one’s preferences can be chosen as each of them are designed based on themes unique to the local community.

  • We offer a variety of workspaces where people can work as they want according to working styles and mood.

We accelerate businesses through various support programs.

  • We have a complete range of service infrastructure essential for business, including reception service, conference rooms, and security measures.

  • We support everyone who works by regularly organizing seminars that help improve skills and events where users can interact with each other.

  • We offer support fitting the needs of every user by using the ORIX Group’s wide network.

Office Plans

  • Coworking Plan

    For 1 person
    24-hour All locations

    Coworking Plan

    For 1 person
    24-hour All locations

    This is a plan for coworking space that can be used by individuals to focus on work or for teams to work together. We give proper support to people who work, including startups and freelancers, and provide environments that lead to growth.

  • Designated Desk Plan

    For 1 person
    24-hour All locations

    Designated Desk Plan

    For 1 person
    24-hour All locations

    This is a plan for a designated booth and desk that gives a sense of openness while ensuring proper privacy. Complete with a designated desk and chair, lockable cabinet, task lights, and other facilities, it allows individuals to easily obtain their own office space.

  • Serviced Office Plan

    For 1 to 25 persons
    24-hour All locations

    Serviced Office Plan

    For 1 to 25 persons
    24-hour All locations

    This is a plan for a fully private room that offers quietness, security, and scalability. We create spaces that are comfortable and easy to work in whether for individuals or teams, and offer serviced offices that allows flexible contracts matching corporate growth .


Allows flexible use according to working styles

24 hours per day, 365 days per year

The primary location can be used 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, allowing it to be used such as on weekends and holidays as well as at times such as early in the morning or late at night when there is pressing work. Other locations can be used from 9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays at other locations.

Use any location freely

In addition to the primary location, all plans allow the use of coworking spaces at all locations, allowing workspace to be secured even when outside.

List of Locations

List of Locations


* Some services may not be available for use depending on the plan.

Standard services (free)

  • Reception service

    Handles customers politely when they visit.

  • 24 hours per day, 365 days per year

    Comfortable office space that includes air conditioning.

  • Security

    IC cards are used, and shared areas are installed with security cameras.

  • Room cleaning

    Rooms are vacuumed weekly.

  • Company registration

    Can be registered as a business location.
    * Additional fees apply for users of the coworking plan.

  • Item rental

    Rental service for monitors, chargers, etc.

  • Internet

    Free Internet within rooms.

  • Utilities

    Utilities are included in the rent.

  • Furniture

    All private rooms come complete with furniture.

  • Separate air conditioning

    Can be switched on/off and temperature adjusted within the room.

  • Telephone booth

    Offers voice conversation booth that can be used for mobile phone calls, etc.

  • Drink dispenser

    Dispensers for coffee and water can be used.

  • Parcel delivery box

    Parcel delivery boxes for receiving parcels are available.

  • Smoking room

    Smoking room is available.

  • Disaster reserves

    Drinking water, emergency food, and other reserves for users are stored in case of emergencies.

Optional services (additional charges apply)

  • Conference room

    Offers meeting rooms of various sizes.

  • Tea service

    Delivers drinks to conference rooms.

  • Multi-function printer

    Self-service use is possible.

  • Locker

    Lockers are available for users of the coworking plan.

  • Company name plate

    Company name plates can be displayed at the entrance, even for users of the coworking plan.
    * Free for users of the serviced office plan.

  • Office convenience store

    Food can be purchased within the office.

  • Event space rental

    Coworking space can be rented for use.

  • Car sharing

    ORIX’s car sharing service is available.

  • Car park

    Car park is available for monthly lease.


Operating hours (weekdays)
9:00 to 17:00

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reserve visit

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Operating hours: 9:00 to 17:00 (weekdays)

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reserve visit