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Encounter new opportunities! Work and Shine at Cross Office! Be empowered by Cross Office!

You have so many options, when you are looking for a startup office in Tokyo.

Better traffic access, high-quality office space to motivate employees, and availability of meeting rooms to welcome unexpected visitors...You may have a variety of needs.

Cross Office is located in convenient areas in Tokyo, such as Shibuya, Uchisaiwaicho and Mita.

Offices are fully equipped with high grade infrastructure, including excellent disaster prevention measures which will meet your BCP.
Cross Office Uchisaiwaicho and Mita was built 1.5 times stronger than the quake-resistance standard for general offices stipulated under the “Building Standards Act”. This structure is equivalent to government buildings, hospitals and disaster-control sites. Vibration dampers also minimize vibration of the building and further reduce any damage to the structure. We also store a three-day stockpile of supplies in case of disaster for the tenants. The emergency power generators can supply for three days in case of an emergency disaster situation.

We have high-quality services to support your business with courtesy. We offer attentive reception services with professional staff and help create an environment devoted to business.
To ensure efficient use of the office space, we minimize rental area by sharing conference rooms and reception areas.

As a result, Cross Office provides high-quality and comfortable business space at a reasonable price.

We have several types of offices : the “Booth type” and the “Share office” for individual use, the “Small type” for small numbers, and the “full Office type”. Choose a type which matches your company.

Features of Cross Office

  • Outstanding convenience. Just minutes from the station

    Cross Office is located in just a few minutes walk from the nearest station, ensuring excellent access to the main Tokyo area via several rail lines. It is also ideal as a base to advance into the Tokyo market.

  • Advantages of Cross Office

    Minimize rental area by sharing conference rooms and reception areas. When expanding, you can expand within the same building without changing address or phone number. Initial costs are kept low since security deposit is only for 3-6 months rent.

  • Position of Cross Office

    By eliminating unnecessary facilities and services, we offer just what you require.

  • Enhanced backup system

    ORIX Group supports your business.